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Welcome to Great Ocean Wonders!


Limited Edition, Rare and Exotic corals for sale, that is what Great Ocean Wonders was established to offer. The BEST corals for sale available online! That is what we strive to bring you. We are constantly ordering the best, the most distinctive corals that we can find, we go out of our way to find those exceptional pieces that everyone wants to have in their reef tank. We Aquaculture a large number of the corals that pass through our systems especially the Limited Edition Corals as we aquire them. The corals that are not up to our standards we pass on the savings and sell those corals for less. We have and will continue to search for and buy corals with the best colors, patterns, shapes etc. to bring you. As NO ONE NEEDS A BORING TANK!


WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)! The picture shown is of the actual piece of coral for sale and that you will receive. We also have many corals that are cut to order, and collector zoa's that are per polyp. Here you will find quality in all aspects of our small piece of the coral reef. We are hobbyist just like you that have had great success with our own systems, but got tired of the everyday choices that were available at our local coral stores. There is a whole other world out there, under the water, that we hope to share with you with our exotic, rare and unique corals! We have a number of corals that are in production, LPS frags and SPS frags that once they heal and begin to grow we will photograph so that you can see your future piece. We hope to provide a great online experience, but salt water is where we would rather be.


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