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Coral Frags: Limited Edition,

Tyree, Rare, Exotic Corals and more

Apple Berry Montipora Palawanensis Coral
 Apple Berry Montipora Palawenensis Coral. This is a very hard to find coral, especially in these colors and sadly the pictures really do not do it justice. This is a very intense neon green skinned montipora with stunning blue polyps. If you are a coral collector or just enjoy the rarity of some corals this is one for your collection. Not a fast grower but a good growth rate at least. Regardless because of it shaping the Palawenensis has a very distinct shape (so does the Verrucosa and it is very difficult to tell apart at least for me). It is possible that this is truly a Verrucosa Montipora I have been duped. In either case it really doesn't mater this is a magnificent coral.

Frog in a Blender
 Frog in a Blender is what comes to mind when looking at this montipora coral. It is a rich green on the body but contrasted increadibly by the striking blue of the polyps. So for those of you that really love the various montipora's the "superman, pokerstar, rainbow, sunset and more this is another for the collection. When we first got this in the colony was a drab green with similar colored polyps but after a short time in our tanks the colors really began to change and pop out. Now this is a brilliantly colored green montipora coral with blue polyps.

Grinch Montipora Coral
 Stunning bright Green with Red Polyped Grinch Montipora Coral, also known as the Reverse Sunset Monti. Well healed and fairly fast grower.

Neon Green Birdsnest Coral
 Neon Green Birdsnest Coral, this is a frag of a very bright neon green skinned birdsnest.

Purple Cap Montipora Frag
 Purple Cap Montipora Frag.

Steve Tyree Ponape Birdsnest Coral
 Steve Tyree Ponape Birds nest Coral, this is a very interesting birds nest that to really show it's true potential it needs to be in lower lighting. So in a brighter tank make sure that it is lower in the tank, further from the light.

Sunset Montipora Coral
 Sunset Montipora, a nicely healed frag of a very beautiful and vibrant montipora

Superman Montipora Danae Coral
 Superman Montipora Danae Coral, on a 1.5" disc. Aquacultured for at least 5 years now, started as a frag from an existing aqua cultured colony.

Tubs' Lavendar and Green Polyp Montipora stellata Coral
 Tub's Lavender and Green Polyped Montipora Stellata. This is a very unique coral that is rather hard to come by, it has incredible colors. This is one of the few branching montipora's that are available, it happens to be one of the more colorful. This coral has just become a Steve Tyree Limited Edition (LE) coral. Which you can see on his site

Tyree Montipora Setosa Coral
 Tyree Montipora Setosa Coral. This coral was made famous by Steve Tyree and again by Jason Fox for good reason. This is a very unusual montipora, it has a very unique growth pattern and beautiful red color. This is a show piece in any tank.

Tyree Undata Frag
 This is a highly sought after coral. Steve Tyree is know for many exotic and rare corals, and those that he has labeled worthy people tend to flock after, with good reason. Here is a perfect example. This is a very hardy Montipora coral, fairly fast grower with spectacular colors. The Limited Edition Tyree Montipora Undata Coral has a rich Emerald Green colored skin with light colored polyps that seem to almost GLOW. There is a beautiful Purplish / Blue ring that grows around the outer edge of the coral as it gets a little larger. The Third picture shows that parent or mother colony of the tyree undata. This is the true tyree montipora undata that we have had growing for quite some time now and are finally ready to begin selling pieces.

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