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Neon Green Nepthea leather coral

Neon Green Nepthea leather coral, Palau Nepthea? Whatever its history it is VIBRANT NEON GREEN. This is a small colony that is roughly 1.5" tall and growing. Absolutely stunning piece of a very hard to find coral. Last picture shows parent colony. The really nice part about this piece is that it is FULLY encrusted to the rock. You do not have to worry about attaching this yourself, with rubber bands or wedding veil. It is fully healed and growing on the rock in to pic. All you have to do is figure out where you want to place it in your tank. This same piece will sell for similar, but unattached, the less work that we have to make fixing something in the tank means more time to sit back and enjoy the view.

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Alternative Views (Click to View Larger):

Neon Green Nepthea leather coral - View 0

Neon Green Nepthea leather coral - View 1

Neon Green Nepthea leather coral - View 2

Neon Green Nepthea leather coral - View 3

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